Outsourcing Software Development – The Ultimate Guide You Need

Outsourcing Software Development

Based on various global research, we found that the outsourcing software development business has grown significantly. As technology progresses, the software development sector is getting more competitive and growing rapidly. From startups to medium-sized companies, and large companies, most of them are investing in third-party services to develop specific software for their firm. 


These third-party software development companies provide their services at some budgeted cost to build software that fulfills the requirements of their clients. Thanks to digitalization, companies have the advantage of hiring top-tier developers from remote places as well. 


Based on global research, it was projected that the IT outsourcing industry would develop about $98 Billion between the years 2020 to 2024. Therefore, it seems like a great opportunity for corporate organizations to opt for the best software development services available in marketing to optimize their business further ahead.

So let’s discuss:


Why Outsource Software Development?

Nowadays, you might have seen many companies outsource software developers. The reason is quite simple! If you are doing business in the US, UK, or other big nations, it would cost you a lot just to hire professional and dedicated in-house developers. That’s why these companies hire remote software developers from some of the best software development outsourcing companies that belong to affordable locations. And thereby it helps them with cost-cutting through the development process of their required software or tool.

Along with that, there are many other reasons why you should be outsourcing  a software development team:

  • It would take quite a time and effort to hire talented coders and evaluate their skills.
  • Hiring remote software development resources wouldn’t cost you extra to maintain the office staff and other official equipment.
  • Along with the cost of hiring talented in-house developers, there can be situations where they may seek some assistance from experts. In such a case also, you can rely on outsourcing software development assistance.

Let’s compare software development in-house versus outsourcing.

Inhouse Vs Outsourcing Software Development

Here is a clear comparison showing why companies should opt to outsource developers instead of hiring in-house employees (developers).

  • The first reason is that outsourcing software projects will cost you less when compared to hiring in-house developers (employees), especially in countries like the USA, where you need to pay a hefty sum of money to expert developers. Instead, you can outsource software developers from other countries which provide high-end services and resources within your affordable budget.
  • Hiring talented in-house coders is a tough job. And for that, you need to spend a lot of time and investments in the recruitment process. However, by outsourcing software developers, you can hire handpicked software developers ready to work on your projects anytime you want.
  • Suppose you already have a team of coders and want to upscale your business. It would be tough for you to raise your team’s skill level as this may consume more of your time and resources. Instead, by hiring offshore software development companies, you can fasten up the process of the ongoing projects as it may also assist your in-house team members to work more efficiently.
  • With an in-house team of developers, you might have limited resources of expertise on your table. However, software projects outsourcing could help you connect with a huge talent pool of renowned software developers around the world who can help you with any sized software development project.
  • When working in an in-house project development cycle, you need to observe the progress of your team on a regular basis. And it might take away your attention from the other core areas of your business. While by outsourcing software projects, you will get the assistance of a project manager who can take the helm of your projects until it gets finished on time.

When Should  You Be Outsourcing Developers?

Even if you have an in-house development team, you can still take the assistance of remote software developers by outsourcing them. Ultimately you want your business to carry out the work operations in a full-fledged way. But when you are working on a new venture, there is a possibility of going right or wrong. In such cases, you may need assistance from experts who can help you to create worth in your investments.

Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

Software development is a complicated process in which in-house coders might face some troubles. In such a case, outsourcing software development projects seems the right option where you can obtain assistance from experts. And it may even help you upscale your business into a bigger economic zone. 

Here we are discussing some benefits of outsourcing software development projects to reputed development services like Codesarmour.

Broader Talent Pool of Expert Developers

We all know that finding a group of talented coders can be really tough. And even if you have a team of developers, there might be cases when you face troubles. In that case, you can outsource developers to get global exposure to some of the most talented software developers around the world.

Complete Visibility Of Ongoing Projects

The great thing about outsourcing is that it allows you to have complete visibility of what’s going on with your project. Also, you don’t need to worry about the progress, as there you get assistance from an expert project manager who deals with all the complications and deadlines factors on a project.

Cost Effective

Most companies from the USA region hire offshore developers since it helps them reduce their costs on resources and training. In fact, in a survey, we found that 70% of companies are motivated by the factor of cost reduction with software project outsourcing. Also, by using offshore services, they get timely progress on their projects, which brings them a competitive edge over their competitors.

Effective Time Mangement

Global firms have realized that when it comes to delivering fast progress in software development projects. Then outsourcing software development is a great choice. It gives you the proper time to manage your in-house working team without getting overburdened. That way, you may reach your business goals without any worry. Additionally, you may also set your priorities with the deadlines when you have dedicated assistance from the outsourced development team.

Avoid Micromanagement

When you hire an outsourcing software development firm, they will provide you the regular update about the progress of your ongoing project. Furthermore, you have the authority, as they can’t reproduce the product to resell elsewhere. Based on the project you have assigned, there will be a project manager who manages all the tasks related to the development of your software and will also provide service with any problems in the development phase.

How To Outsource Software Development Projects?

Now, if you are ready to outsource IT development projects, you might be eager to learn about the upcoming steps to follow. Here are they:-

Set Your Objectives:

Before starting to work on a project, you must first set your objectives- defining the software that you want to develop. Sometimes outsourced projects may differ in nature from what you expect them to be. And to avoid any further complications in a project, you must decide prior on the functionalities of the end product.

Prepare Documentation:

Now, if you have decided on the goal for your project, you should be planning the budget and requirements. That way, you can analyze before outsourcing software development firms to make you the best software product.

Define Tech Stack:

As you are outsourcing software development projects, it is better to learn about the technical profile of the firm you are hiring. You should know whether they have developers with coding knowledge that fulfill your requirement. So accordingly, you can decide whether to hire a remote working software development company or not.

Engineering Leadership:

Without expert leadership, any development phase can result in failure, so you must check the work experience of the engineers working on your project. Codes Armour has an engineering team of experts having work experience in delivering several successful projects.

Project Management:

Every company wants to outsource agile developers who can finish the job before deadlines. Based on the company’s requirements, the owner can form a contract with the outsourced development team and monitor their progress with the help of the project manager.

Gain Extraordinary Results With Outsourcing Software Development

Ultimately, software projects outsourcing is becoming quite popular in today’s market. And that’s because, with the growing tech infrastructure, it has become easier for companies to contract third-party software development companies and produce the best tools/software for their business. 

However, what you need to ensure is that the team you are hiring can provide you with the assistance of expert developers. By taking the services of the right outsourcing development team, you will be able to obtain quality services and in-depth expertise assistance with the development that preserve your time and capital to get you the best results.

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