5 Top Programming Language For Mobile Development

Though mobile was developed two decades ago, the implementation of the programming language in mobile started in recent times. It won’t be wrong saying that only smartphones have made developers use various languages to develop the much handy mobile application. Every day we learn that a new mobile company is launching an app and all the credit goes to those programming languages only. With these top 5 programming languages, only a developer can develop apps related to entertainments, games, social sites, security purpose apps and so on.

Many people think that mobile development would require some unusual kind of programming languages, but actually, it would also involve the same common programming languages which are used in any kind of software development. But the difference is the developer needs to take care of some extra factors like the application should run on the operating platform, the level of functionality should be simple and the code must be volatile.

Hence, here are those top five languages which are used for mobile development as it has the features which are required by the developer.


1. HTML 5

While developing various mobile applications, developers need to build web pages where this HTML5 is an essential requirement. The latest web-based apps are only based on HTML5 as it supports all multimedia features, functioning platforms, devices and fastest in responding. Moreover, HTML5 is feasible for iOS as well as Android, so this is why mobile developers’ first choice is HTML while developing any kind of application.


2. Java

A developer can develop software using Java, JavaScript and also enterprise Java Beans, all these are different but still related to Java only. But, in mobile development only JavaScript is implemented because it is a scripting language which is needed for web browser applications.

Java is a compiled language which runs in two ways, first is in the browsing window and another is in a virtual machine. The reason for which mobile developers choose this language is that it can create and reuse code to run on virtual machines which allows browsing on different platforms and runs faster when compared to other language’s applications.


3. C++

When it comes to C++ developers only virtual applications. This language is called the base of all other kinds of languages as it is the most skilled and widely applicable. Though it’s not trendy, this language has been much older for mobile development.

As this language is object oriented language so it allows developers to create classes of different objects, functions, and attributes. This language requires a steady plan as well as plenty of time to make developers’ applications easier and smooth. This language is especially meant for those developers who use the native app for iPhone.


4. Swift

Swift is written with Objective-C for API’s of Apple for Cocoa and Cocoa Touch. Swift is used for designing to eliminate the possibility of security vulnerabilities. The reason for which a leading mobile development company is using swift is it is easier to learn as well as very less cluttered.
Though Swift is a new programming language, it is very widely used for iOS, OS X, and watchOS applications with Objective-C. This Swift platform ensures a safe pattern of the program with easy programming and flexible browsing.


5. Python

Python is another object-oriented language which has some advanced features of a data structure which enable rapid development of mobile applications. One main advantage of using Python in mobile development is it shows quick test results, debug codes and reuse the codes for other apps.
This is an effective language to write scripts to bind different software components, that’s why Python is known as the glue language which is the best choice for all categories of mobile developers.


Wrapping Words

So, these were those top 5 languages which are specially meant for mobile development, and it depends upon the functionality to use a particular language. There are many constraints when a developer selects a language. Moreover, every language has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hence, we would suggest all mobile developers to check the functionality of the application then choose the right language.


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