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Are you flexible in adopting our methods of work?
Absolutely yes! We tend to adapt to the working methods and schedules that help us to reach our goals in the SLA timelines. Our working modes revolve around your convenience, project quality, and the excellence you are expecting in your end goal!
Is it possible for me to lead the recently hired team by myself?
Yes! We dedicate the resources to make your team deliver the best-in-class service. However, it will be helpful if you are someone with thorough know-how of your project, its management, and technical aspects of the project progress.
Can I apply for a custom package?
Yes! Just tell us your project requirements and your budget planning. We will arrange the assistance that you require.
What is the minimum size of the team that I can get and what will be the maximum?
We understand that every requirement is different from the others. You could require a really small team and the next client might wanna have a large team. With this thought, we do not bound the team by numbers, rather we try to provide you with as many professionals as you require to function.
How can I ensure the project confidentiality with you & hired professionals?
We understand that each project is vulnerable to the company's reputation. That is why our services are strictly based on the terms of confidentiality for each party.
Can I apply for marketing professionals and not development project professionals?
Yes, you can. Although we specialize in delivering software to technical experts, we can reach out to marketing professionals too. However, certain conditions need to be addressed as per the terms of your custom package.
How will I manage my hired professional or staff?
We understand that managing a team is a real hassle. Therefore we introduce you to the ultimate employee monitoring and management tool. It tracks your staff’s activities, and productivity, to deliver you user-generated reports so that you can manage your staff in a way that works for you.
Can you assist me in case I am not sure what my project requires?
Absolutely yes. Codesamour is a platform that is built with the notion of assisting fellow organizations as per their requirement of talent. Therefore, we enable you to reach out to us to get comprehensive quotations or you can hire us to guide you through the detailed aspects of your project.