How To Improve Your Writing Skills In Web Designing?

This world is full of intelligence. People are moving forward towards the path of development and growth. There are some people who are contributing a lot in this development and growth, with their writing skills and they are the Web Designers.

Who are making people’s activity easy through their concepts, plans and electronics files that are used to determine the layout, text styles, colours and much more. In the crowd of intelligence, I am present here to give you some tips on how you can improve your writing skills on Web Designing.

By following these tips you are able to grow faster. I can assure you of this. Now moving forward on to the important tips.


1. Use Low Literacy

An extensive study was conducted by Pfizer on the web reading habits to ensure that web users are having effective communication or not and it was found that 43% of the web users are having low literacy. They are not able to understand a page written above Grade 6 level. The result was that the top level page should be written in Grade 6 level while the one with more in-depth pages should be written in Grade 8 level.

So how can you do that? Use Google Docs. Click on tools, select word count. This will give you statistics along with Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. Make sure that the figure is around 6 for top level pages and if not so then change the larger words until you have worked down where it is required.


2. Avoid Copy Of Print Brochure

This was found as the common mistake made by the web Designers. The brochures and the print materials use sales language which is not scanned on the website. Making use of any sales language except “order our products here” will click your users off. Ditto with puffed up marketing claims the best. Brochures are riddled with this stuff and such language does work in print marketing as per the marketing studies.


3. Maintain A Flow Chart

Many of you might have done this in the form of the sitemap. If this is so then good. But if not then do the same and submit your flow chart to your clients this will assure that you are not missing anything before you proceed. Try to make your menu options interesting with short headings.


4. Do Not Use Landing Pages

This is suggested to you because there is a lot of internet noise on web writing. The loudest noise comes from the people who think that landing pages are the proper online marketing technique. This will divert your customers than to converge them.


5. Try To Keep It Short

It was found that the general web page should be over 600 words and 4 paragraphs in length. But still, you need to maintain the large page for some reasons then create a new category with sub-menu and lower level pages. You have articles in your then site then consider creating separate blog sections.


6. First, Write For Humans

As the main motto is to get traffic for your website then I would suggest you to first try to make your content interesting so that people will link to your website and gain their interest and then for the second choice write for the search engine results.


7. Try To Keep Your Clients In Loop

For the first phase submit the copy to your client for review. And don’t make up your mind as it is done until your client has had a look at it. Keeping your client in the loop will save you from rewriting and wasting your time and try to accept their guidance.



These were some of the tips on how you can improve your writing on Web Designs. Hope you are able to understand the bottom part of this blog and will make use of the same to improve your writing skills. You can also visit blogs on Codes Amour for more information.
Share your views on this blog via a comment in the below comment box and feel free to put on your queries if any.


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